Who we are

Na We Be Government is a non partisan organisation that seeks to draw awareness to the office of the citizen, in governance in Nigeria. It is a non-profit organisation that promotes accountability and good governance

What we do

A key feature of Na We Be Government is the engagement of citizens, voluntary and community sector organisations in consultation arenas and as part of the decision-making process.

Our Programs

Teaching civic rights and responsibilities using various creative forms of media: comedy, podcast, cartoon, music, merchandises

 Partners & Sponsors.

We work with foundations, government,  NGOs, Communities and Civil Society Organizations, to formulate strategies and implement policies that encourage youths’ active participation in Governance, demand transparency and accountability from the government.



Our mission is to support sustainable democracy, establish accountability and transparency amongst our leaders. We do this by producing and sharing knowledge on the office of the citizen, and by advocating for electoral change. We work with civic liberty organizations, Nigerians home and abroad to develop democratic initiatives to champion democracy in Nigeria