The one-day event on the Public Presentation and the official unveiling of the Nigeria Social
Contract Initiative, was organized by a budding Coalition on the Nigerian Social Contract on
February 11, 2019 at the Abuja Sheraton Hotel. The occasion, which was widely publicized
drew a wide array of participants from the public, private, diplomatic, political, business and
civil society sectors in Abuja and from other states of the country. Other participants
included women’s groups, students, artisans’ associations, persons living with disabilities,
religious pressure groups, media, NUJ (press) and concerned citizens.

Highlights of the event included the formal presentation of the Nigerian Social Contract by
Dr Sam Amadi, whose delivery placed emphasis on the fundamental issues that define the
NSCI and its framework – the commitments at different levels of government from both the
elected officials and the citizens.
The interactive session of the program gave room for goodwill messages as well as ask
questions that were specific to their stakeholder groups.



Media reports on the official Presentation of the NSCI,,–NaWeBEGovernment.