Na Wa Be Government is all about citizens taking their office in governance.  It’s the development of citizen-centred governance by engaging people in decisions that affect their lives and those of their community.

A key feature of Na We Be Government is the engagement of citizens, voluntary and community sector organisations in consultation arenas and as part of the decision-making process.  A few state governments are on board in this new form of governance of cities and communities and the approach of governance is agreed in what is known as “Social Contract”

We are advocating for state governments to place citizens and users of services on board and management committees, alongside public and private sector representatives. In some cases, there will be a public electoral process to select representatives from the community at large or individual constituencies. These initiatives creates new opportunities for citizen-centered governance of local communities and public services, accountability, transparency, checks and balances between decision-makers and managers, rules to ensure high standards of conduct, and access to information


The mission of NWBG is to Strengthen Civil Society, Expose Corruption, Support Law Enforcement actions against Corruption,secure political, educational, social, and economic equality for all Nigerians and to establish accountability and transparency among our leaders.


The vision of the NWBG is to ensure a society in which the government works for the people and where all Nigerians have equal rights without discrimination based on your tribe and religion.


  1. The principles of non-violent action to which members should commit themselves are:
  2. Participation in political action and/or personal and direct advocacy for and with others to eliminate poverty
  3. Personal redistribution of wealth within the group
  4. Public unanimity on positions taken by NWBG as a group
  5. Commitment to non-violent action.
  6. Willingness to collaborate and network with other groups and individuals on specific projects and events, in an effort to build a movement to birth change in our nation.
  7. NWBG will not seek or accept funding from any level of government.

Join us in creating the Nigeria we desire!

We are a team ready to do whatever it takes to restore Nigeria. We intend to achieve this through Citizens & Voters Education, Advocating for change, Promoting accountability, transparency and good governance through social contracts and fostering unity amongst Nigerians.

Citizens  & Voters Education

Advocacy for Change

Promote accountability  and good governance

Foster unity amongst Nigerians