Greatness is spikes of little efforts. A man is an entity separate from his immortal body, but of which he derives energy from. And when this entity is consistently in harmony with that spiritual domain, greatness which is a proportional effect of bravery and courage would be vehemently encountered.

Let me assert here that it’s left for man to seek strength or energy from that immortal source which is ever present to his reach without shame or second consideration, except he is unaware of it, or afraid to tap from it. And this now should bring us to the fact figure that few men from inception of time have been able to dare and bring themselves forth.

And for instance, Sir Charlie Boy as we all should permit our minds to think about is one of those entities. This simple and humble man has not only been able to change his space into a mysterious territory where all questions its nature and characteristics, but also remains consistent in implementing every possible intellectual assets to hold all spell bound to himself.

For the last forty five years since the birth of him as a brand, he has been a talk of the town. Gossips and rumours centers on his personality which propels confusion. People argue, fight and settles on what he truly is, while not knowing him still. His greatness abounds because that was the actual purpose of his being.

I could still recall vividly my last discussion with him, though I was far from his class and royalty but he lowered the curtains of equality and gathered us an assembly of one big family.

Before approaching further, I must confess that he is more gentle and humble to me than me to myself. He attended for his own needs. Spoke calmly and impressively, and most of all, knew how to bring jokes into each topic brought for deliberation.

Charlie Boy does not favour frivolities, he stands tall in excellent value and result. He listens more than he talks. Doesn’t care about office and power. Fame to him is totally secondary to relationship and association. I can’t attest to have ever been with someone who is more special and interesting. I love him and everything about him to put it frankly. But humans would always be triggered by ignorance just like he said, “people fear what they don’t understand.” Aptly put.

I have read about great men. Their ruthlessness and strict characters towards others, but Charlie extremely differs. He touches heart and overwhelms ego. A topnotch communicator and teacher. There are more to this enigma, and may time permit me to write more about him while we are still together.

Greatness. To put it to just pen that Charlie Boy is one of the greatest Nigerians to have ever graced earth crust would be demeaning. He is and has always been one personae that the Nigerian state can never have a duplicate of irrespective of how much the younger generation might try to replicate his deeds just like the famous Pop culture King, Michael Jackson. Speaking from the depth of my knowledge and sincereness, Charlie remains my favorite of all time when it comes to entertainment and ever valuable attitude towards a given cause and public relationship.

The way he mingles, interacts, plays and goes about his protests against the ruling herd is inspiring. He faces bullets bluntly and doesn’t care about whose cloak is burnt. And many in their naivety have termed him bad names even when he is fighting for their interests. Such things bleeds me and makes me feel nauseated about Nigerian’s values.

You see, when I was a mere child, not really a child in that sense, but I was, and that was in 2003 when I was barely ten. Ding and dong rumours clustered my ears. People gathered to tell and listen to stories of the most dangerous people in in Nigeria. They name the likes of Obasanjo, Abacha, Osadebe, Orji Uzo Kalu’s mother, and Charlie Boy. These people to them were heathens, deadly and evil. They don’t know God nor did they wish to while still sucking the blood of innocent children.

These adults in their great numbers awashed in perpetual darkness of illiteracy and lies misguided us the younger ones. They constructively narrated these people’s supposed spiritual exploits while at same time posing to have witnessed all their cooked up rubbishes. Some said that they saw them slept in graves, dinned with Satan and made love to themselves as men to men, women to women.

Quite disgusting of them.

Many ugly stories are still being peddle across the human societies about influential people just because they made it better. Their names and brands which they toiled to build are being damaged everyday and night by people who never knew them or have ever sat with them to see how simple and good they are and by what means they have earned their worth. Haters appearing as friends but behind their veils they are agents of darkness schemes all these shamelessly. It calls for weeping. It actually does.

Greatness. Greatness causes depression to the weak while it spurs the strong to take charge of himself and his life. Weak men wakes up thinking of how to spoil whatever the strong have built while loosing their little mind in the smokes of the overcoming flame.

Humans on daily basis gives us reasons why they shouldn’t be trusted or entrusted with information which bears great secrets. Though when it’s not given, they would by all means invent one, because to them a man other than them shouldn’t be born great or dare to attain it.

And here at this end I must state that it’s with a filled heart that I’m forced to dissolve myself of these wrong information which had once held me hostage in delusion and mediocrity, because I have been with one of these men, Sir Charlie Boy and I can tell you all that whenever you’re looking for a simple and honest man in all human form and appearances that he remains the best choice. All the stories you have ever heard told of him are lies from pit of hell baked and roasted to feed the gullible, narcist and intellectual bigots.

Fada remains a dogged human right fighter. A meek and noble statesman whose political engineered enemies are fighting everyday to let down. He is an idea, and idea never dies.

Charlie Boy only did what every great thinker did and does, extracting energy from his immortal body; his spiritual ecosystem to feed his physical. And when you next you hears bad rumours about him, kindly desist from such percussor meant for bent nails and failed hearts. Charlie Boy is great, and in him greatness abounds.